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If your memory is slipping or has slipped, you had better do something about it!  If there are emotional problems affecting your memory go to your minister, priest or spiritual counselor and unburden yourself.  In order to fix the brain and physical part of the problem read on. 

For centuries, the elephants of Ceylon (see-lon) south of India, achieved fame for their excellent memories.  What do they do different from other elephants?  They eat the leaves of a little water lily known as GOTA KOLA  (go-to-kola).  We can also use the leaves of the male and female GINKGO trees, which are known to increase the blood flow and circulation to the brain.  Taken on a regular basis, these two herbs, GINKGO and GOTA KOLA, seem to do a pretty good job of bringing back the long-term memory in great detail.  The memories of past events that return may be even better in terms of details such as color, sound, touch, taste, etc. than when they happened. 

For the short-term memory, use the two herbs:  BLADDERWRACK and CHLORELLA.  BLADDERWRACK is a sea vegetable and storehouse of minerals, vitamins and valuable trace elements.  You may have read that aluminum has been implicated in Alzheimer's Disease.  One of BLADDERWRACK'S many abilities is to bind with the metal aluminum and usher it out of the body.  Aluminum, unfortunately, is found in so many things, from baking powder to soda pop cans.  It is added to many dried foods for the sole purpose of keeping them from "caking up" or sticking together.  Another way aluminum enters the body is through the use of some underarm antiperspirants.  When you get the inorganic aluminum out of the body, it helps to restore the nerves, glands and brain function. 

Use the plant CHLORELLA to get rid of mercury and heavy metals.  CHLORELLA  is not a sea vegetable, but rather a part of that golden colored algae you see in summer ponds.  It is a very nutritious single cell plant that looks like a tiny gold dollar under the microscope.  This plant has the marvelous ability to pull poisonous heavy metals, such as mercury and lead, out of the nervous system.  In this day and age, with the coal burning power plants generating electricity and in the process putting a lot of mercury into the water supply, it would be a good idea to take preventative measures.  After all, we use this water to bathe in, cook with, grow our fruits and vegetables and it also gets into the fish we eat.  You may have heard that mercury is known to destroy brain functions.  Bladderwrack and Chlorella are valued especially to improve short-term memory.  Contrary to what you have heard, brain and nerve cells do regenerate themselves.  Get the poisons out by eating right and then watch the repair take place. 

Keep in mind, when poisonous metals leave the nervous system, a poison antidote herb such as BLACK COHOSH should be used to counteract the feeling of agitation during the cleaning process.  Also, use WORMSEED to correct and counteract the effects of many kinds of strokes which may cause memory loss.  We have now joined these proven and tested herbs together to create the formula, REMEMBER WHEN.  Finally, eat right, and get the "junk food" out of the diet! 

RECOMMENDED DAILY AMOUNT:  One tsp. or more per meal.  Persist as long as it takes to repair, regenerate and restore both the long term and short term memory.  Also, for a preventative and maintenance amount: 80 drops/day.

Deciding on a size of 1oz or a 4oz liquid herbal extract?

1 ounce size = 400 drops

4 ounce size = 1600 drops  (with 4oz purchase you receive 1 Spray Mist Bottle Free)

20 drops = 1 capsule

Average dosage 20 drops 2 times a day

Chronic conditions 30 drops 2 or 3 times a day

Liquid herbs can also be applied topically to concerned area.
More options are offered to purchase on this item:

*1 Spray Mist Bottle - For Topical Use (Spraying onto Skin)

*Pure Herbs Educational Books & DVD's

Helpful Info:

Herbal Extracts are taken on or under the tongue, mixed with fruit juice or used externally, as indicated. When used internally, they are carried through the tongue or stomach walls almost directly into the blood stream and thus, bypass the nearly 27 feet of tortured digestive tract. When applied externally to the skin, herbal extracts are rapidly absorbed and enter the blood stream within seconds. They go where they are supposed to go and do what they are supposed to. They are absorbed especially well from the soles of the feet, the palms of the hands, the insides of the thighs, the temples of the forehead, the spine and back of the neck or any other places where you can feel the pulse beat of the heart. This gives the practitioner and the user a great deal more flexibility and is very helpful for babies and grownups who cannot or will not swallow anything. It should also be emphasized here that an herbal extract can be applied to the entire spine, from the tip of the coccyx (tail bone) upward and on to the neck, to work with great rapidity and efficiency.

This work and its applied use is given to you because someone does care about you a very great deal and does want to see you well and happy. Once you identify the herbs for your body type, they are your herbal friends and true and they will not desert you in times of need. The goal of this information is so you can have a body without a physical problem. Then you are free to be yourself, do things, play, work, move around, look at stuff and enjoy life and be yourself.

 P.S. Please, as a natural practitioner, familiarize yourself with the appearance, taste and smell of the herbs you use so you can judge their quality, just as you can judge a "good cup of coffee" or a good cup of herbal tea. Then you can taste, judge, compare and recognize the quality of good herbal extracts. You must have an extract of very high quality to get the results promised in this work. Now go for it.  


Pure Herbs Founder

Dr. Eugene C. Watkins B.S.ed., M.S., N.D. carries a diversified educational background, including biology, biochemistry, botany and plant physiology. Following his undergraduate baccalaureate work in Science, Language and Education from S.E. Missouri University, he went on to continue his studies abroad at the Free University of West Berlin, Germany. Furthering his knowledge, he earned his Masters of Science degree from Michigan State University, received a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from the Anglo-American Institute of Drugless Therapy in Bournemouth Haints, Great Britain in 1976. In 1980, he earned a second Naturopathic Doctor's Degree from the American University of Natural Therapeutics & Preventative Medicine in Mesa, Arizona. While becoming an Iridologist and Herbologist of distinction, Dr. Watkins ran exhaustive studies on vitamins, minerals and herbs - always mindful of their positive effects on the human body. Furthermore, in practice as a Naturopath and nutritional consultant, he has demonstrated dedication and perseverance of philosophy to achieve the objective purpose to help expand the nutritional knowledge and wisdom of humankind. In short, Dr. Watkins has devoted his life to building better health naturally.

Pure Herbs, Ltd., at the present time, has over 395 different herbs, herbal combinations, and twelve different encapsulated products. We've also introduced our third cream-based product, our first tablet, four skin lotions and our first roll-on.

Wholesale membership is available. It is not necessary to be a member but it sure is worth it! Ask me "how" at 425-358-6905.  "FREE"  Herb Booklet upon joining directly from me as a gift to you!  
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Information is for educational purpose only. The information on this web-site or it's materials is the about historical observations and historical information relating to herbs. This information is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice by licensed physicians. A reader should consult a physician regularly in all matters relating to medical problems, especially in matters of diagnosing, treating or curing diseases or other physical or mental conditions. This information has not been verified by the American Medical Association or the Food and Drug Administration.

Pure Herbs REMEMBER WHEN  -restore memory & youth
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